The Gardens at Post Hill

At The Gardens at Post Hill we propagate and display temperate terrestrial orchids, related woodland plants, and other horticulturally distinctive plants. We are constantly expanding the information on the website and hope that you will visit often.

Please visit our GPH Store by clicking the links at left. You may purchase plants (in season) and Gift Certificates.

Our Fall plant lists are now closed. Thank you for a very good season. We expect to add our Pleione list around the first of the year and open our Spring Cypripedium list in mid-January. Pleione will be shipped in late February to early March.

If you are unable to contact us using the link on the Contact page please send messages to Verio has migrated our site to a new server and the email system has thus far worked only sporadically.

Some blooms in 2016:


Cypripedium macranthos forma hotei-atsumorianum. Flowers from 3 of our plants.

Cypripedium hotei-atsumorianum

Cypripedium hotei-atsumorianum

Cypripedium hotei-atsumorianum

Cypripedium Aki, a hybrid that has been available for many years but still one of the nicest.

Cypripedium Aki

Cypripedium Gabriella, opening.

Cypripedium Gabriella

Cypripedium Hank Small.

Cypripedium Hank Small group

Cypripedium Hans Erni. Flowering plants left over from our Spring sale.

Cypripedium Hans Erni

Cypripedium Hans Erni

Cypripedium Hans Erni

Cypripedium Monto, a flowering plant from our Spring Sale. Monto has very large flowers.

Cypripedium Monto

Cypripedium Paul. We have had specimens with yellow flowers. Here is one with the purple of its franchetti parent mixing in. This plant was from our Spring Sale.

Cypripedium Paul

Cypripedium cordigerum x tibeticum. This hybrid was produced by Anthura in the Netherlands and is not registered yet.

Cypripedium cordigerum x tibeticum

Cypripedium Tilman. Tilman has a very large flower.

Cypripedium cordigerum x tibeticum